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Why should we advertise our jobs on CSA?
Can we include our logo?
How do we establish an employer account?
What is an ‘employer profile’?
For how long will our ad appear?
Who owns and operates CSA?
What are the fees?
How do we post an advertisement?
We’ve lost our login details? What do we do?
Why do you focus just on community service positions?
Do you make it easy for job seekers to find our ads?
Can we manage the entire recruitment process online through CSA?
What is the free recruitment software you are offering?
Can we add a position description to the ad?
Can we edit the ad?
How do we pay?
Do job posting credits have an expiry date?
Can we include a banner in the ad?
What other documents can we include in the ad?
Do you provide other recruitment and selection services?
How quickly will our advertisement appear?
Can we delay the appearance of the advertisement?
Can we search the job seeker database?
How do we re-post our ad?
How can we get a replacement tax invoice?
What if we need help or further information?
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